We predicted the future of heat pumps decades ago!


Decades ago, our company founder Rudi Kronovšek outlined the successful path for our company with his vision of heat pumps and the improvement of the technology of that time. From its beginning, when the company was still named Termo-tehnika (the Kronoterm brand was introduced in 2013), until today, we have become the leading company of heat pumps with its own development and production in Slovenia.


In 1976, Rudi Kronovšek developed his first DHW heat pump. After seeing that there had been no improvements in this area for decades, technology had not advanced and the devices were dated, he decided to start on his own. He saw the opportunity to create his own brand and he knew that heat pump technology had much more potential. Bearing in mind that the heat pump technology still has a lot of potential for development, he took the opportunity to create his own brand. At the same time, he was also aware of the significant advantage of heat pumps, namely the possibility of cooling


We are proud to successfully continue Rudi’s vision from decades ago!


In the video below you can see what Rudi Kronovšek predicted in the past: