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Looking for a heat pump that combines top-quality performance, beautiful design and carefree comfort? The versi heat pump is perfect for a wide range of buildings with low energy needs.

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It is designed for a wide range of buildings with low energy needs and limited space. Its intelligent design allows adaptation to the needs of the building.
Thanks to its small dimensions and low weight, it can be placed in the smallest corner of your home. Place it in the attic, in the basement, on the balcony, in the laundry room or even in an alcove.
Easy to use for hassle-free comfort and pleasant living. It can be connected to other existing systems and installation is quick and easy.
Monolithic design and sophisticated technology allow the unit to blend in with its surroundings and be installed right up against a wall or even in a corner.


Forget high costs and constant disputes over heating. A Versi heat pump provides self-heating and it allows you to be completely independent from the communal heating and other occupants of your building.
VERSI heat pump could be the ideal solution for your heating needs, if you own and occasionally use a cottage, apartment or lodge, especially if you are located in an area where using other renewable energy sources (e.g. land or water) is not possible. VERSI heat pump provides the luxury of a cozy, warm holiday home, which can be invaluable for your relaxation and enjoyment.
If you're looking for a heating system for a new building or if you are renovating an older, smaller house, or if you are owner of a passive or low-energy house with low heating requirements, then VERSI heat pump is an ideal solution for you.
Home offices and office spaces are usually larger and cooler, which means that heating costs are usually higher. With heating pump VERSI we ensure enjoyment in the workplace with low heating costs and comfortable temperatures .

The VERSI heat pump is versatile in use and performance

Intelligent design offers the adaptation to the energy needs of the building. Its efficiency and low consumption ensure low heating costs and high level of comfort.

Designed for buildings with
spatial limitations

The perfect solution for owners with little space inside and outside the building. The extremely small compact unit, occupying just 0.5 m2 of space, can be installed in the attic, under the stairs, in a closet, on a balcony or terrace, in a corridor or utility room.

Designed to be completely unobtrusive and almost inaudible

Extremely quiet operation thanks to the NMS™ noise control system. A special LFN™ vibration damping system is integrated to prevent vibrations from being transmitted to the unit's enclosure and is preventing further vibrations from spreading through the building.

Perfect blending in

The minimalist look of the VERSI clean lines allows the unit to blend in perfectly with its surroundings. The openings for the connecting pipes at the back of the unit allow easier installation and better appearance. The monolithic design with no visible screws is design coherent with other indoor units.
3 different
6 colours of
the outdoor unit
*deliverable in 2023
6 kW heat pump
14db heat pump
Sound pressure level at a distance of 5 m [dB(A)] for the heat pump VERSI-X, VERSI-I; declared sound power on the Ecolabel energy label
65 °C water outlet
-25 °C operating
outside temperatures operating range from -25 to 40 °C.

Versi heat pump installation options

Calculate the consumption of a VERSI heat pump

110 m2
Heating type

Annual electricity consumption: 3016 kWh

Electricity cost: 392 €

Average heat pump on the market
Natural gas
Heating oil
Electric heating, IR
* Calculated savings are for information only.


  • 6 different versions of outdoor unit
  • weather protection
  • combined with indoor Hydravlic units Hydro C2 or Hydro S2
  • sophisticated design
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  • indoor installation
  • Fully integrated hydraulic unit
  • air intake and exhaust through the facade or roof
  • can also be installed in the attic, under the stairs, in an alcove or in a closet
  • ultra-quiet operation for comfortable living
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  • outodoot/indoor installation
  • flexible fitting
  • designed to be placed on a balcony or terrace
  • individual positioning of the air inlet and outlet adaptors
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