People like control over things which we do and events which surround us. We like to come home from winter holidays and find a warm home or from a summer holiday to a nice and cool living room where we can relax from a long drive. And without worries. How? With the help of the application cloud.kronoterm for heating heat pumps and for DHW heat pumps. Set the desired room or DHW temperature just before coming home via smart phone or computer with access to the internet. And there are no more worries concerning heating.

The application enables controlling the heat pump, viewing trends, temperatures and continuous recording of the heat pump’s consumption according to the set price of electricity. If the system does not work as envisioned, our experts can remotely connect to the heat pump and use their service portal to check the operation and, if necessary, correct the settings. Many visits of maintenance workers can thus be solved via internet because in most cases when people call the service, only the right setting of the system is necessary.