Remote control (Cloud)

For heating and DHW heat pumps.

Controlling the heat pump from your armchair at home, your workplace or holiday.

The heat pump is usually located in the cellar or the DHW room. Most users do not take great pleasure in going to the cellar or DHW room to monitor the beautiful, large display on the heat pump.

Wouldn’t it be better and in the spirit off our time if the heat pump or the comfort of the home could be operated from the living room, your computer or any location via smart phone or tablet? Are you on a long trip and would like to have a cosy and warm home and enough hot water when you return and at the same time save while you are away and thus maintain only the minimal temperature in the home? Why, sure! This is provided by the new controller Termotronic 3000 WEB and the free service Cloud.KRONOTERM which is the result of more than 10 years of development and listening to customer wishes as well as the recommendations of the installers.

The user has an overview of the system’s operation anywhere with this new controller. It is possible to set various operation schedules for each day of the week, for four different heating cycles and heating DHW in normal, ECO or comfort operation mode. It checks the trends of the system’s operation and various temperatures and thus optimises and additionally rationalises the heating and cooling at home based on detected personal way of living.

Video instructions for installing and connecting the WEB module

 DHWS module installation- WP2

 DHWS module installation- WP4

  • The intuitive and most advanced user interface for ensuring the highest comfort possible in heating your home with the KRONOTERM heat pump (overview + monitoring)
  • All settings can be changed only by touch or by pressing the buttons.
  • Free cloud service Cloud.KRONOTERM
  • Always at a touch of the hand wherever you are (on holiday, at work, on the go, etc.)
  • The cloud service enables control of the system with any kind of smart mobile device (smart phone, tablet, multimedia device, etc.) or computer with an internet connection.
  • The intuitive graphic display enables clear control of the heating system as easy as child’s play.
  • Connection to the cloud in only 3 steps (10 minutes) with only basic computer skills (using the internet)
  • The safest cloud service and remote control because it is conducted via safe communication and without any kinds of personal data
  • Possibility for remote help in system operation troubleshooting or system settings.
  • Possibility to control all functions of the Termotronic 3000 controller.
  • Controlling up to 4 heating/cooling mixing or direct circuits, controlling the additional source (gas, oil, wood, el. heater furnace) in independent, bivalent-parallel or bivalent-alternative mode
  • Heating DHW, antilegionella protection, circulation circuit control, controlling the additional source for DHW heating (gas, oil, wood, el. heater furnace) in individual, bivalent-parallel mode
  • Heating curve control for maximal savings in transitional periods + additional operation optimisation of individual function operation via schedules and three temperature levels (ECO, normal or comfort)
  • Heating pools, controlling SSE – solar collectors
  • Passive or active cooling
  • Control over 8 cascade-connected heat pumps for larger systems
  • And many more functions (optimised operation of heat pumps, screed drying, diagnosis and display of service parameters, etc.)