Get to know the ADAPT heat pump right at home!


Would you like to see, how a heat pump fits into your home? Kronoterm makes it possible!

Before purchasing a heat pump, every future buyer is a bit uncertain about how the device will look in their home environment. We have created an easy way for you to place a heat pump into your home for free. By using our new Kronoterm AR app, you can easily place the heat pump directly into your home and check its size and appearance.



You can download the Kronoterm AR app to your mobile device or tablet, which must be equipped with a camera. You can access the app through the Android “Google Play” store or through the Apple “App Store“. Clicking on the relevant icon below will take you directly to our app:


What is an AR app and what is it useful for?

AR is an abbreviation for Augmented Reality, which is an interactive experience of a real-world environment where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information. The AR app enables you to place virtual elements into a real-world environment by using the camera on your mobile device. To put it simply, through the camera, the app will scan your place and then insert an image of the desired object into it, creating an image of how your place would look like if the object would be installed in it. To sum up, the Kronoterm AR app offers you an easy installation of the outdoor and indoor unit of the Adapt heat pump into a real-world environment.  Your decision to buy and install a heat pump is thus reinforced as the app gives you certainty about how the device will fit into your house and surroundings.



How to use the Kronoterm AR app?

  1. In the Android “Google play” store or the Apple “App Storefind the Kronoterm AR app and download it to your mobile device which has to be equipped with a camera.
  2. Run the “Kronoterm AR” app and play around with the different functions that the application offers.
    • By clicking on an individual Adapt heat pump unit, you can read basic information about the outdoor and indoor unit.
    • A click on the “TRY IN SPACE” icon will bring you to the main function of the app, where you can test the appearance of the heat pump in the desired environment.
      In this step the use of a camera is mandatory, therefore you must give the app permission to access camera.
      Follow the instructions on the screen, especially when establishing »balance«. This means that you move the device in the direction shown on the screen – circulating and moving left and right.
  3. Enjoy using the app from the comfort of your armchair.


What does the Kronoterm AR app need in order to function properly?

  • Operating system that supports the use of AR

Your mobile device must support the use of AR – in principle, these are devices of higher quality and are not older than two years.  If you cannot find the Kronoterm AR app in the app store, this means that your device unfortunately does not support the app. The brand of the device is not important, since our app is designed to run on both Android and Apple operating systems.

  • Camera

Camera on a mobile device is essential for the functioning of the app. This will probably not be a problem, since most of the modern mobile devices have a built-in camera as standard equipment.