Get to know the ADAPT heat pump right at home!

How would you like to see if a heat pump fits into your home? Kronoterm makes it possible!

Before purchasing a heat pump, every future buyer is a bit uncertain about how the device will look in their home environment. We have created an easy way for you to place a heat pump into your home for free. By using our new Kronoterm AR app, you can easily place the heat pump directly into your home and check its size and appearance.

You can download the Kronoterm AR app to your mobile device or tablet, which must be equipped with a camera. You can access the app through the Android “Google Play” store or through the Apple “App Store“.

Clicking on the relevant icon below will take you directly to our app:



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Remote control (Cloud)

The heat pump is usually located in the cellar or the boiler room. Most users do not take great pleasure in going to the cellar or boiler room to monitor the beautiful, large display on the heat pump. Wouldn’t it be better and in the spirit of our time if the heat pump or the comfort of the home could be operated from the living room, your computer or any location via smart phone or tablet? Are you on a long trip and would like to have a cosy and warm home and enough hot water when you return and at the same time save while you are away and thus maintain only the minimal temperature in the home? Why, sure! This is provided by the new controller Termotronic 3000 WEB and the free service Cloud.KRONOTERM which is the result of more than 10 years of development and listening to customer wishes as well as the recommendations of the installers. More

Constant control of correct operation

People like control over things which we do and events which surround us. We like to come home from winter holidays and find a warm home or from a summer holiday to a nice and cool living room where we can relax from a long drive. And without worries. How? With the help of the application cloud.kronoterm for heating heat pumps and for DHW heat pumps. Set the desired room or DHW temperature just before coming home via smart phone or computer with access to the internet. And there are no more worries concerning heating … More

Technical documentation

It sometimes happens that documentation gets lost or destroyed during a move or even during unpacking the device. Kronoterm offers full support to obtain the lost documentation in the shortest time possible. Only fill out the form below, write, what you need and we will send it in the shortest time possible.

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