Quality and proper functioning of devices are our guiding principles. Thus, when buying a KRONOTERM heat pump, you get a complete, technologically innovative and quality device which complies with the highest standards regarding technology, materials and production.
By registering your heat pump you will be able to benefit from our additional services offered to you exclusively as a registered user (extended warranty, warning of annual service, additional advice on maintenance and a long lifespan of your heat pump, etc.).

What type of information will be provided to you?

KRONOTERM strives to provide you with useful advice and tricks as well as with the latest information about your registered products. We constantly research and upgrade the most frequently asked questions about our residential heat pumps. Useful advice, such as »maintenance of the heat pump« and other will also be available to you as well as other exclusive offers for additional equipment and services – thus, your next heating season will be even more carefree and the heating of DHW will not be on your mind all the time anymore.