That it is a heat pump which brings you great savings and comfort does not need further explanation. But that the KRONOTERM heat pump is worth trusting and purchasing is expressed by the number of more than 60,000 heating heat pumps in 25 years of development and manufacture. Every year KRONOTERM’s production produces more than 6,000 units of DHW heat pumps and more than 1000 heating heat pumps.

They heat up with our help: Alba d.o.o., Ambient hotel Domžale, Avtocenter A2S Celje, BMW Selmar Maribor, BSH d.o.o. (Bosch / Siemens), CGIL – Cremona (IT), Paragliders Pacug, Eurospin Brezovica, Hotel Barbara, Hotel Barbara Fiesa, Hotel Diana Murska Sobota, Hotel NOX, Hotel Primus, Hotel Punkl, ISKRA ISD, MICS Education Center, Aqua Spa Roma Rimske toplice, Spa Celje, Kostak dd Krško, Makoter doo, MCK d.o.o. Markovci, Baroque Museum Šmarje pri Jelšah, Primary School Braslovče, Primary School Hruševje, Primary School Šentilj, Podkrižnik d.o.o., Business Building Austria Email, Primorje d.d. Ajdovščina, Silco, Supermarket Eurospin, Terme Ptuj, Trade Zrno, TTN Cerknica, factory of transport devices dd, Multipurpose CENTER CERKNO, Multipurpose facility Jesenice-Hrušica, Koper Koper, Lavrica Lavra Ljubljana, Lupnica Kindergarten Maribor Tezno, Kindergarten Prisoje Koper, Wellness Club Marin , Wellnes resort Lepa Vida Thalasso Spa, Zagožen doo, Zrno doo Raka, Church of Hajdina, Church of the Holy Cross Rogaška Slatina, Church of Šentjernej and many others.

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