The heat pump is only a part of the heating system. Even if the heat pump works perfectly, a malfunction of the whole system can occur if wrong components are used and the system is not installed badly. This is why KRONOTERM recommends customers to trust professional consulting and choose verified components and a recommended contractor for the heating system. For optimal performance, KRONOTERM can offer simple managment interface KT-1 and KT-2A which perform different functions. We can also offer DHWs and buffer tanks of the manufacturer Austria Email, the biggest European DHW producer. Circulation pumps and filters are an integral part of the boiler room, this is why it is very important to choose your purchase correctly. KRONOTERM offers a comprehensive solution for clean air with recuperation with local or central recuperators and fan convectors for cooling.

The advanced room temperature correctors KT-1 and KT-2 are intended for easy control of the comfort of the home. With them, we set the desired room temperature and they use the two-way ModBus communication to report the measured and desired temperature to the Kronoterm heat pump. Based on the gathered information of the corrector and measured outside temperature, the regulation of the heat pump uses special algorithms to determine the optimal needed temperature of heating water of the heating system at any moment. This connection of all elements of the heating system significantly raises the efficiency of the whole system and with it also savings. The market is full of systems which, despite good equipment, function wastefully and badly because they do not adapt to the actual needs and every element of the system functions on its own, with wrong settings. The Termotronic 3000 WEB regulation with room temperature corrector KT-1 or KT-2 and Cloud.KRONOTERM technology ensures easy, modern and very economical operation of the whole system. KT-2 offers more functions (setting the room temperature, setting DHW temperature, weather forecast). KT-1 and KT-2 operate only with the KRONOTERM heating heat pump and Termotronic WEB regulation.


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