A relaxed winter Saturday morning, a good book, and a cup of hot tea? It sounds romantic, but if you have to get up in the middle of the night and go down two floors to the boiler room to light a fire, so you can get into warm bathroom in your pajamas, all the romance fades away. In addition, you have to wait a long time for the thick walls of the bourgeois apartment to warm up even remotely. Heating in apartments located in city centers can be a real challenge.


Typical high ceilings, thick walls, wide hallways, and a dark, cramped boiler room in the icy basement of the building are a slightly less sympathetic side of living in the old city center. If you have to go down to the basement early in the morning to light a firewood, it’s obviously annoying. It also takes time for these spaces to be properly heated to a temperature that truly makes us comfortable. Heating with gas or heating oil is much less environmentally friendly and especially extremely expensive.


Apartments in city centers are generally located in quite old buildings from previous centuries, many of which are protected monuments. Such old apartments, of course, have their charm, soul, a special touch that we are only creating in new buildings. Changing the heating system in such buildings is quite challenging, but if we replace the existing system with a heat pump, then it’s not so.



We have developed a solution precisely for all the problems and challenges that owners of apartments in city centers face every day. Our VERSI-I heat pump is designed for old-town apartments that don’t have much space for a boiler room or outdoor areas where an external unit could be placed. VERSI-I is designed for indoor use and can be practically placed anywhere in the room – in a corner, niche, attic, under stairs – or even in your kitchen, as it can be designed to fit alongside other household appliances. Apartments in city centers usually have high ceilings and large spaces, with the noise of the heat pump potentially being a problem. Since we are specialists in quiet and efficient heat pumps at KRONOTERM, the versatile VERSI-I heat pump is also extremely quiet. It’s 40 times quieter than European requirements for such devices.

The adaptation itself when installing the VERSI-I heat pump is not too demanding, thanks to its small dimensions and low weight, which allows it to be placed in the attic and pipes to be led through the chimney or roof. The low weight and small dimensions of the device are even more appropriate for old-town apartments, as there are usually no elevators, and hallways and stairs are extremely narrow. Breakthroughs in thick walls are also not necessarily required, allowing you to make an efficient and economical investment in your apartment despite the strict requirements of the Monument Protection Act.


So – a heat pump in the apartment?

Yes! The VERSI-I heat pump is actually quieter than your fridge – in fact, its sound can be compared to the loudness of our breathing. In addition to its almost silent operation, its efficiency and cost-effectiveness compared to other heat pumps and furnaces using other energy sources (such as gas and oil heating) as well as remote management contribute to the comfort of your living space. Forget about morning walks to the boiler room, night watches to prevent fires, cleaning the boiler room and soot, and of course, you`ll finally put an end to high heating bills.