NEW HEAT PUMP VERSI – versatile both in design and use

VERSI air/water heat pumps are compact and meticulously designed, providing a wide range of forms and functions. Their guiding principle was to work for buildings that are either tight on space or that have only minor heating requirements up to 6 kW. This compact unit can be elegantly installed even in the smallest corner of your house, attic, balcony, patio, or even alongside other household appliances.



Kronoterm’s innovations are blazing trails in the segment of high-tech heating and cooling appliances that are both extremely efficient and environmentally friendly. Two years ago their ADAPT heat pumps set the standard for ultra-efficient, quiet, and visually attractive heat pumps. Kronoterm is convinced that the new VERSI line, with its diverse range of sophisticated usage options, will lead to a new trend in the world of heat pumps. At the same time, it is the company’s endeavor to make environmentally-friendly appliances more accessible for mass audiences.


“For a good 30 years Kronoterm has been developing solutions that give people access to heat pump technology and its numerous benefits. We believe this technology takes humanity on a huge step forward to a sustainable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly life free of fossil fuels,” explains company CEO Bogdan Kronovšek.


The User First

In designing its new multipurpose VERSI heat pumps, Kronoterm placed most of its emphasis on a diverse range of functions and installation options. The VERSI line is designed for buildings with minor heating needs, for low-energy and passive houses, and for row homes up to 100 m2 in floor space. They’re also ideal for apartments, weekend cottages, and even offices. Their most revolutionary feature is the option to install them in apartments, giving residents in large buildings complete independence and drastically lowering their heating costs. Once installed, they provide both heating and cooling, as well as hot water.



Usage and installation flexibility makes for a wide range of options, including the possibility to set up your system both inside and outside.  The VERSI I, VERSI O, and VERSI X versions, all with the same core technology, solve several different pain points. 

“During development we tackled a ton of challenges, striving to pack several different applications into one compact solution while considering our customers’ feedback during installation, usage, and maintenance,” explained head of R&D, Franci Marovt. He added that he believed they had succeeding in designing a solution that would serve their customers, partners, and ultimately the planet. And the planet is a subject of exceptional importance for this company of almost 100 team members. The European Environmental Bureau (EEB) recognized Kronoterm as one of the most environmentally friendly producers of heating systems in Europe. Recently Kronoterm even earned the title as ambassador of Slovenia’s economy of the future under the I Feel Slovenia campaign, with the slogan: Green. Creative. Smart.



Even smaller houses and tightly packed settlements have become a true design problem. To counter this trend, VERSI heat pumps are compact, taking up very little space after installation. They can easily be installed even in attics, under a staircase, in a corner of your house, or even in a cabinet. Out of sight and out of mind.

But it isn’t just space that the VERSI heat pumps save, as they also drastically slash your heating costs. Over 15 years in comparison to heating oil the average consumer can save up to €16,000, up to €11,000 by replacing a pellet boiler, and up to a staggering €20,000 by replacing infrared panels. Perhaps most importantly, alongside the massive savings on space and expenses, the VERSI line also contributes to saving the planet through a drastic reduction in emissions. Over a 15-year period, every VERSI heat pump will have pulled up to 200 MWh of renewable energy from the environment, meaning saving 45 tons of CO2 or 220 trees.

Not just efficient but also aesthetic

The visual aspect of heat pumps has become just as important as the aesthetics of other household appliances. The VERSI heat pump design is a continuation of its predecessor, distinguished by a monolith appearance of minimalistic lines, drawn so as to blend in with their surroundings and become invisible. Customers can choose from several colors and shapes of their outdoor unit so as to mold it to match the architectural style of their home or office. The versions to be installed inside or on a balcony/patio are designed to match the indoor hydraulic unit.


Silence is a hallmark of Kronoterm appliance and a feature that users insist upon. Even if you install one on your balcony or right against a wall, it goes hardly noticeable, thanks to an advanced noise mitigation system that prevents vibrations from traveling further through the building and making a nuisance. The VERSI heat pumps are a staggering 40 times more quiet than the requirements outlined in the European directive for heat pumps. Peace of mind is guaranteed already by having a heat pump, but the VERSI line throws in an added layer of comfort, giving users a handy mobile app called Cloud.Kronoterm. Using this dedicated app, customers can manage their heat pump from their couch or while at work or on vacation – in short, wherever and whenever they want.


*VERSI heat pumps will be available from spring 2022 on.