The colour spectrum of the ADAPT heat pump is richer for two new colour versions. Misty white NEBBIA and modern grey shade ANTHRACITE will join the four existing colours and materials Nero, Olio, Inox and Corten.


The appearance of the heat pumps is becoming increasingly important and complements the functionality of the device. Two years ago we set the trends of the visual aspect of the heat pump with four different colour versions and sophisticated design. We have added an elegant and modern design to heat pumps, upgraded with colour versions in order to perfectly blend in with the environment. 



Based on customers requests and trends in architecture and design we present two new colours of the ADAPT heat pump:

ANTHRACITE (RAL 7016) – contemporary dark grey shade of coal creates  an extravagant and luxurious impression. One of the richest grey colours is suitable for all generations.


NEBBIA (RAL 9018) – misty off-white goes well with currently popular white and cream facades. The classic colour with a modern twist is created for tradition and modern minimalism lovers.



The choice of colour and material of the heat pump which coincide with other elements of the architecture of the building, can be completely individual. Users can choose from six different colours and three versions (coloured steel, inox and corten). 

Besides two beautiful new colours you can choose one of the existing colours:

NERO (RAL 8019) – dark shade is extremely elegant and has special characteristic – sparkly effect whose intensity adjust to sunlight. Colour Nero is brown at one point, dark grey at another and sometimes almost black. 

OLIO (RAL 6003) – olive green colour is most natural version and ideal to blend in with greenery and the surroundings of the building. Green also symbolise environment-friendly heating system. 

CORTEN – rustic version of the external unit doesn’t stand out in surroundings as it gives an impression of naturally aged metal. It complements perfectly with wood and all natural shades.

INOX – stainless steel external unit with industrial feeling fits many architectural styles. Typical shiny silver finish creates opulent touch. 



We have created an easy way for you to place a heat pump into your home for free and see which of the six versions will best merged with your building and surroundings. By using our new Kronoterm AR app, you can easily place the heat pump directly into your home and check its size and appearance. The AR app enables you to place virtual elements into a real-world environment by using the camera on your mobile device. 

You can download the Kronoterm AR app to your mobile device or tablet, which must be equipped with a camera. You can access the app through the Android “Google Play” store or through the Apple “App Store“. 


*New colours will be available from August 2021.