New air/water heating heat pumps of the wplv line with variable operation

The air/water heat pumps are the most common choice among heat pumps because of easy installation and affordability. New buildings which have continuously smaller heating needs (because of good insulation, construction materials and construction methods) normally have a low-temperature heating regime with floor heating. This is why KRONOTERM has launched a new product, air/water heat pumps of the WPLV line in two rated powers and with two different internal units.

The external unit, distinguished by the typical KRONOTERM design and compact dimensions, is available in two models: WPLV-09- S1 NT and WPLV-14- S1 NT (for larger buildings).

The internal unit, a hydraulic module, is available in two models: as wall or independent unit with a 200 litre DHW. The internal unit holds also a smaller buffer tank for a balanced hydraulic operation, a circulation pump and switch three-way valve for DHW. This is actually a miniature DHW room, it only needs to be placed into position and connected to the system.

Available are two models – HM-141 S1 and HM-142 S1 (with DHW)