Made in Slovenia and made with heart are synonyms for Adapt heat pump for which we received the mark of excellence MADE IN SLOVENIA.


We get awards from a lot of satisfied customers and also from field experts. One of many is the mark of excellence MADE IN SLOVENIA for Adapt heat pump, which was given to us by Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO).


Mark of excellence shows that the product is designed and at least 50% made in Slovenia, sustainable, technologically and design innovative, thoughtful, clear and functional. With the mark of excellence, the MAO awarded selected Slovenian designers and creators.


By rewarding us with the mark of excellence, MAO placed us in the collection MADE IN SLOVENIA which will be worldwide known as good Slovenian design, will promote sustainable principles, and will contribute to cooperation between the creative and economic sector. The Adapt heat pump will be part of the promotion of Slovenian creators during Slovenia’s EU presidency. 


Our perfectly designed Adapt heat pump was part of an exhibition named Tunel29 in MAO this year. Tunel29 was at first prepared for Design week in Milano. Adapt heat pump was chosen among 100 different products as leading in its field and because of its contribution to our environment.


Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO) is one of the oldest museums of architecture and design in Europe, but it’s not just a museum. It’s also architecture and design center and a connection between architects and designers where they can exchange ideas and knowledge.