Playfully-serious: If the KT-2A room temperature controller were a person, it would probably be that friend who always warns us if it’s too cold or too hot. But even though he can sometimes get on our nerves, he’s actually very useful – he ensures that the temperature in the room is always maintained at the desired level. On the other hand, the adaptive curve would be like that most popular classmate who knew how to adjust her dressing and behavior style according to different situations. In this case, it would adjust the operation of the heating or cooling system according to changes in room temperature. Together, KT-2A and the adaptive curve would be like the best couple on the dance floor – always coordinated and ready for every step. Just as in dance, where coordination and adaptability are key to success, KT-2A and the adaptive curve must work together to achieve the best results.



KT-2A is KRONOTERM`s smart thermostat, which gives the user a simple and easy-to-understand way of controlling it, while at the same time, together with the heat pump, it ensures comfort and maximum savings. KT-2A is an advanced microprocessor room corrector that constantly measures the temperature in the room and communicates with the KRONOTERM heat pump to ensure that the room temperature is equal to the desired temperature set by the user. In addition, KT-2A enables easy management of the desired temperature of the sanitary water and the function of quick heating of sanitary water for complete user comfort.

A classic thermostat alone does not provide the same level of comfort and efficiency of the heating system as KT-2A. The advanced KT-2A controller in combination with the KRONOTERM heat pump and other components such as boilers, storage tanks, etc. provides optimal operation of the entire heating system and thus the highest energy savings.

When choosing a heating system, it is important to consider the quality of components and professional execution of the system to ensure efficient and economical operation. Therefore, we recommend that users turn to experts such as KRONOTERM, who can advise on the selection and execution of the system and provide verified components.



Classic heating devices use a weather curve to regulate the temperature of the water they send to the heating system. This means that the temperature of the output water must be set according to the outside temperature, which is very difficult for most people. In addition, settings always need to be adjusted if the properties of the object change (e.g., additional insulation), as failure to adapt would mean higher costs and less comfort.

The adaptive curve represents an innovative and user-friendly solution. Based on the smart thermostat and the K2-2A room regulator, it calculates the lowest required temperature of the incoming water to the heating system or the outgoing water from the heat pump, taking into account the properties of the object to achieve the desired temperature in the room. The algorithm is constantly learning and automatically adapting when the properties of the object change. In this way, we achieve the desired comfort with the highest efficiency and without additional settings.


The KT-2A room controller is aesthetically sophisticated and adapts to other elements to achieve harmony in the room.


  • in a room where the desired temperature is closest to the desired average temperature of other rooms,
  • in a hallway,
  • in a living room,
  • in enclosed and dry spaces,
  • at a height of 1.2-1.5 m above the floor.
  • directly in the draft area or direct sunlight, as heat affects its regulation characteristics,
  • above electric stoves, refrigerators, or in the area of direct thermal radiation from radiators,
  • as part of other electrical appliances, such as dimmers, as possible heat emissions could affect its proper functioning,
  • an the boiler room, as the temperature there is most likely not the same as the desired average temperature of other living spaces,
  • on the Hydro C or Hydro S hydraulic unit.



KT-2A has several advantages over a thermostat. KT-2A provides better temperature regulation and more constant temperature in the room, which can lead to greater energy savings. The thermostat has only a limited function of turning the system on and off based on the set temperature, while KT-2A operates based on the actual temperature in the room.

In addition, KT-2A allows the heat pump not to heat water to the highest temperature, which can also save energy and money. The thermostat, on the other hand, requires water to be heated to a certain temperature, which can be more expensive and less dynamic.

KT-2A is only connected to the heat pump via a UTP cable, which provides stable connection and power supply. Only the appropriate preparation and installation of the wiring is needed.

Along with the mentioned advantages, KT-2A provides greater efficiency and energy savings, which can bring long-term cost savings to the user.



KT-2A constantly measures the room temperature and ensures that the room temperature is equal to the set desired temperature. The room controller allows for several functions: room temperature setting, hot water temperature setting, night mode operation, 2-day weather forecast, daily and nightly air temperature, constant synchronization with the cloud. KT-2A works exclusively with the KRONOTERM heating heat pump and the Termotronic WEB regulation (i.e., the temperature regulation system in the heating system).



Users will save the most by simply adjusting the desired temperature. If you are cold, you will raise the desired temperature slightly, and vice versa if you are too warm. In any case, the heat pump in combination with KT-2A will adjust, provide the desired comfort and deliver savings of up to 30% because it will not overheat and not underheat.


KT-2A is a room regulator that ensures you always have the ideal temperature in the room, hot water for your shower, and provides very high savings and optimal operation of the heating system. If KT-2A and the adaptive curve were like a dance couple in the introduction, they now dance a flawless tango. Their combination guarantees the best dance performance in town and energy savings in your home. But beware – do not install KT-2A in the boiler room or above the refrigerator, as this is not the right location for hot dance steps!


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