Kronoterm LUŠT Project in EHPA Publication

Since 2018, the sweetest Slovenian tomato Lušt grows in greenhouses heated by the unique Kronoterm Geothermal Heat Pump.

The extensive seasonal heating needed to heat greenhouses requires high financial burdens and no less significant environmental burdens. The utilization of geothermal energy by using a heat pump is thus extremely beneficial for both. A specialized heat pump built specifically for Lušt works in three areas at once: heating greenhouses, cooling the warehouse and cooling the consumed thermal water to allow it to return to the environment.

Lušt Greenhouses

The exceptional ability of Kronoterm’s geothermal heat pump was also recognized at the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA).

Specialized heat pump was presented in their brochure »Large scale heat pumps in Europe«, which contains some of the best European examples of heat pump applications in various industrial sectors. In addition to the basic information on the operation of the Lušt heat pump, the brochure highlighted the remarkable double savings compared to natural gas heating – 72% financial savings with 50% lower CO2 emissions. From a financial standpoint, the investment in the heat pump has recovered in less than a year, which is incomparable to other heating methods that are far more environmentally challenged.

Unique Geothermal Heat Pump for Lušt


At Kronoterm, we are honored to have been once again rewarded for our hard work by public recognizing the effort we put into the largest heat pump in Slovenia.