In Kronoterm we are not afraid of activity even on hot days. ???? In summer, after finishing work, we spend our free time in the mountains, cycling, participating in various sports and other events, and we proudly carry the name Kronoterm across Slovenia and abroad.

Every year, we combine power at the traditional Kronoterm picnic, and we are already in full gear for launching new products. We will soon introduce them to you. Until then, some of our summer glimpses.

Kronoterm picnic 

Motocross (Tim Gajser)

Slovene coast

Black Lake on Pohorje



Velika planina

Hop Growers’ Day Braslovče

Volleyball tournament Braslovče

Cycling marathon in Logarska

Motocross (Tim Gajser)

We are cheering for the Slovenian basketball team – Everything starts with good heating ????