Kronoterm Academy – Module 5

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You are invited to the Kronoterm Academy event

Dear Partner,

due to the interest in service training and fault diagnosis via Home.Cloud service access, we will be organising a service training, module V. It is a basic training on MA parameters and fault diagnosis via Cloud. Training time 3 h, 4 x 45 min including breaks, from 8:00-11:00.

The number of participants is limited, so please confirm your attendance by email or phone as soon as possible. In case of higher demand, we will announce additional training dates.

Link to the training: Click here to join the meeting


Part 1

    • News about ADAPT and VERSI system (version of programme 3.09-1, 3.10-1)
    • 17-20-11-36-06 – KSM, KSM+ – Alarms, faults and warnings
    • 17-20-16-47-06 MA parameters regulator KSM_EN_201_ENG_2SN
    • 17-20-47-10028-04 Service instructions_KSM regulator_3091_2SN
    • Version update (KSA Application)
    • Other

Part 2

    • Adding HP to service account
    • Manuall activation of automatic recognition (ODU and IDU)
    • CASCADE SYSTEM service view
    • Other

Part 3

    • Flow switch connection and function
    • S01 and RC filter
    • Service intervention and changing the MBIO14 V < 1.9 with MBIO14 V > 1.9
    • Different cases of known alarms
    • Other