When choosing a heat pump, it is necessary to also check for potential hidden costs

For any device you use, it is advisable to choose carefully and review all its features. In addition to the financial investment, you should also consider any potential costs that may arise after the purchase. The same goes for heat pumps. When comparing offers with competitive devices, pay attention to any hidden costs.


Imagine buying a product and later finding out that you need to purchase a bunch of additional elements or equipment for comfortable use. Often, attractive offers with insufficient equipment appear in the car industry, where the initial price of the vehicle includes only the basic model, and the price with all the additional equipment is much higher. The disappointment of customers who realize later that the product does not include everything can be significant. The same applies to heat pumps.


A significantly cheaper offer should raise a red flag, so be careful in reviewing the offer. It often happens that customers receive an offer for a heat pump that is lower than ours, but they forget or do not know that the cheaper offer is also much more limited. If the costs of the benefits that are not included in the cheaper offer were added, the initial investment of the competitive device would end up being even higher or more expensive than ours.



Hidden costs are those that are not included in the initial investment of a heat pump system and most people do not even consider them. These costs can vary from brand to brand of heat pumps and can significantly increase the initial investment later on.


Costs that are not always included in the initial investment of heat pumps from competitive brands:

  • weather protection for rain, wind, and snow,
  • architectural adaptation in the form of different covers, decorative strips, or other materials that can vary in price,
  • remote assistance and service services,
  • computer or mobile device management,
  • lower efficiencies, which mean higher electricity costs,
  • noise protection.


No one wants to realize during heavy rain, wind, or snow that they need weather protection for their heat pump, that their heat pump is not as efficient as expected, resulting in a much higher electricity bill, or that they have to spend a fortune on architectural adaptation or visual concealment of an unattractive device.


All these mentioned elements to achieve technological excellence and the highest level of comfort are included in the initial investment of ADAPT and VERSI heat pumps, making them the most affordable options on the market.




To start, when choosing a heat pump, you need to create an investment plan or identify your priority features for the heat pump. The investment plan includes elements and features that are important to you in making a decision about selecting a heat pump, and we believe it is crucial as the features of the heat pump are related to the investment amount. Higher requirements and higher quality features justify a higher initial investment.


The main features that you need to consider when creating your investment plan, which depend on technological sophistication and subsequently affect the amount of the initial investment, are:

  • NOISE,


The main advantages of our ADAPT and VERSI heat pumps are their high technological sophistication and quality, which justify a higher initial investment, which is actually the lowest, as all the elements and technology for maximum technological sophistication and highest comfort are already included in the initial device price. In comparison with competitive brands, there are no hidden costs that need to be paid later when purchasing KRONOTERM heat pumps, such as weather protection, noise insulation, or architectural adaptation to make the device compliant with the building.



If you want complete peace of mind and the most cost-effective heat pump in the long run, choose the award-winning ADAPT or VERSI heat pumps. Their quality is confirmed by numerous satisfied users and experts. You can find more information about KRONOTERM heat pumps HERE.


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