Air/water heat pump
for heating of buildings
Testedin our own
Testedin our own
Simpleinstallation Remote
Saves up
to 70 %
of heating
up to 60 %
Energy class

Main characteristics

  • External unit with inverter operation
  • Cooling connection with internal unit
  • Two models of internal unit: wall HM-141 S1 or independent HM-142 S1 with integrated 200l DHW
  • WEB module for remote control as standard
  • TÜV certificate

The model WPLV-09-S1 NT is currently the smallest KRONOTERM model of the air/water heat pumps. Its inverter technology offers the user great savings; COP, which has also been verified with a TÜV certificate proves this. In combination with the internal unit HM-142 S1, the heat pump WPLV-09-S1 NT is an ideal combination for buildings of up to 150 m2 of heating surface.

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Up to how many m2 of heating surface is the model WPLV-09-S1 NT suitable for?


The model WPLV-09-S1 HT is suitable for buildings with floor heating of up to 150 m2 of heating surface. The size of the heating surface varies according to heat losses of the building (the better the insulation of the building, the larger the surface which can be heated up to the same temperature as a building with lower insulation). The model is also suitable for radiator heating if the system does not need heating water temperature higher than 55°C.


What is HM-142 S1 and what advantages does it offer?


HM-142 S1 is an independent internal unit with a 200 l DHW and 50 l buffer tank for the most efficient and continuous operation of the system. The unit is installed into the boiler room and connected to the heating system and external unit. This means easy and quick installation.