WPL-45-K1 HT

Air/water heat pump
for high-temperature heating of buildings
Testedin our own
Testedin our own
Simpleinstallation Remote
Saves up
to 70 %
of heating
up to 60 %
Energy class

Main characteristics

  • Compact unit
  • Water connection with internal unit
  • Termotronic 3000 or 3003 regulation for more heating circuits
  • Very quiet operation
  • Cost-efficient scroll compressor
  • Robust housing which withstands all kinds of weather
  • WEB module for remote control as standard

The model WPL-45-K1- K1 HT ensures heating of larger buildings with radiator heating. It also enables cooling with fan convectors because the heat pump is reversible. A top-quality scroll compressor and other high quality components mean a long lifespan and high efficiency. The model WPL-45-K1 HT is available as independent model (only external unit) which is connected via water connection to the existing or new heating system (DHW/buffer tank). In this case, the boiler room is fitted with the internal unit controller Termotronic (TT3000 or TT3003, depending on customer wishes). For all specifications of the model WPL-45-K1 HT, see documents below. A parallel or cascade connection of several heat pumps is possible to increase capacity (public buildings, schools, kindergartens).

Achieving Maximum Utilization of Geothermal Energy with High-Efficiency Heat Pumps

Wednesday, 05.04.2023 | 18:59

With heat pumps, remote heating systems can also be improved! Kronoterm has designed an innovative and high-tech heat pump system for the town of Šal’a, which utilizes the heat from waste water and converts it into usable heat for remote heating. The town has solved multiple problems at once: it has become energy independent, significantly reduced costs, and protected the river ecosystem.

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Why does the model WPL-45-K1 HT have a fan on the top?


The heating heat pump WPL-45-K1 HT is especially adjusted to get 45 kW of heating power from a housing as small as possible and maintain a high degree of efficiency from the device. We have maintained this with two large evaporators which are placed in the heat pump in a V shape so that one fan divides hot air on as big of a surface of the evaporator as possible.


What are the dimensions of the heat pump WPL-45-K1 HT?


All dimensions of the heat pump are given in the document containing technical data of the heat pump. The size of the external unit makes for high efficiency because the size of fan and evaporator mean later thawing of the heat pump. The size of the fan and the special form of the blades are responsible for very silent operation of the heat pump.