WPL-13-S1 HT

Air/water heat pump
for high-temperature heating of buildings
Testedin our own
Testedin our own
Simpleinstallation Remote
Saves up
to 70 %
of heating
up to 60 %
Energy class

Main characteristics

  • External and internal unit
  • Cooling connection for internal unit - hydraulic module HM-131 S1
  • Termotronic 3000 regulation on the internal unit HM-131 S1
  • Very quiet operation
  • Cost-efficient scroll compressor
  • Robust housing which withstands all kinds of weather
  • WEB module for remote control as standard

The model WPL-13-S1 HT is an entry model among high-temperature on/off air/water KRONOTERM heat pumps. A top-quality scroll compressor and other high quality components mean a long lifespan and high efficiency. The model WPL-13-S1 HT is available only as split version with gas connection on the internal unit, a hydraulic module HM-131 S1 which has a built in 50 l buffer tank, circulation pump, heat valve and other components which in principle should be installed in the boiler room and are here installed serially. For all specifications of the model WPL-13-S1 HT, see documents below.

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Up to how many m2 of heating surface is the model WPL-13-S1 HT suitable for?


The model WPL-11-S1 HT is suitable for buildings with floor heating of up to 250 m2 of heating surface. The size of the heating surface varies according to heat losses of the building (the better the insulation of the building, the larger the surface which can be heated up to the same temperature as a building with lower insulation).


What to choose: WPL-13-S1 HT or WPL-13-S1 HT?


This is a question of positioning (do you have enough space inside for a hydraulic module HM-131 S1) and your choice of having a gas or water connection. The choice between these two models has no influence on the efficiency of the system (if the system model is right).