WPG-110-1 HTT

Brine/water/water heat pump
for high-temperature or low temperature heating of buildings
Testedin our own
Simpleinstallation Remote
Saves up
to 70 %
of heating
up to 60 %
Energy class

Main characteristics

  • Internal unit with robust housing
  • Termotronic 3000 or 3003 regulation for more heating circuits
  • Silent operation, special sound insulation of housing
  • Two-compressor model with economical scroll compressors
  • Possibility of using underground water or brine as source
  • WEB module for remote control as standard

The model WPG-110-1 HTT is the strongest two-compressor model in the line of so-called commercial geothermal KRONOTERM heat pumps of higher power and is intended for larger business buildings. The heat pump WPG-110-1 HTT can use ground water or brine as primary free source (borehole or brine collector). We set the source at start-up. More technical data is available in the documents below.

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Can I use ground water with the heat pump WPG-110-1 HTT?


Of course. You can use ground water as primary heat source with the heat pump WPG-110-1 HTT. You can also use earth as source (borehole or ground collector), the source is defined at start-up.


In the reference gallery, I can see there are several heat pumps of the same type installed parallel. Is this possible also with this model?


This is also possible with the model WPG-110-1 HTT, depending on the project design. The heat pumps can be connected with the cascade regulation TT3000 into a synchronised system operation.