Adapt 0416

Heat pump
air/water for heating of buildings
Testedin our own
Simpleinstallation Remote
up to 60 %

Main characteristics

  • Extreme high efficiency - SCOP 5,2
  • Quietly, nearly silently operation - NMS system
  • IAH system - works exactly as your home needs it to, completely adjusts your heat pump’s output based on the building’s requirements
  • MyDesign - adapt your heat pump; choose from a wide range of colors and materials for your housing
  • Robust housing which withstands all kinds of weather - no extra protection needed
  • Modular design reduces the costs of both installation and connection
  • Remote control and operation through app Cloud.Kronoterm - WEB module for remote control as standard
  • Compact unit
  • Water connection with the internal unit (buffer tank or hydraulic module)
  • Two internal unit models: Hydro C (boiler room not bigger than 0,5 m2, with integrated tank for tap water) or Hydro S

Together with the HYDRO indoor unit the Kronoterm Adapt heat pumps form a comprehensive variable system, Adaptable in terms of both refrigerant and hydraulics, depending on the building’s heating needs. The outdoor unit, a compact air/water heat pump, is distinguished by extremely silent operation and premium design. Adapt heat pumps are hermetically sealed and factory tested outdoor units that use a simple water source to transfer energy to the indoor unit. Adapt heat pumps are distinguished by cutting-edge technology, specifications, and energy efficiency.

Comparing the heat pumps listed at the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control, this is the most efficient and quiet heat pump in Europe*. We care about your health and the environment, we are using degradable materials for less pollution. With the Cloud.Kronoterm application you can monitor performance, consumption and efficiency from wherever you are as well as allowing you to set your home the desired temperature. This means you will return to a warm home, all thanks to your new life companion, Adapt.

*Data - September 2019

Adapt has been nominated for the EBAE award!

Wednesday, 01.07.2020 | 9:01

We are delighted to announce that our heat pump Adapt has been nominated for the European Business Awards for the Environment (EBAE), which celebrate those companies that are thriving because they are green – rewarding enterprises and innovation. We are extremely grateful to have our heat pump nominated as a product that makes an outstanding…



Friday, 08.05.2020 | 19:00

Amid the isolation in which the whole world suddenly finds itself, we are increasingly recognizing the little things in life that we have not been before. We are disturbed by the sound of an old loud heat pump. We are increasingly aware of the importance of a moment of our own peace. How much good…


Kronoterm Heat Pump ADAPT – the Best on the BAFA List

Monday, 09.12.2019 | 10:02

Created under the fingers of outstanding Kronoterm engineers, the ADAPT heat pump has been recognized by the German institution BAFA as the most energy efficient out of the 1176 heat pumps tested.   BAFA and Energy Efficiency of Heat Pumps   European Union directives have been striving to reduce consumption of energy and to prevent…


Adapt Heat Pump – Winner of Archiproducts Design Awards

Thursday, 14.11.2019 | 8:30

Humans are visual creatures, we appreciate beautiful and pure shapes in our surroundings. The designers of our living area are joined in the community on their main reference site, Archiproducts. The site has over 190,000 published products, among which architects and interior designers seek inspiration in creating new construction projects. Each year, hundreds of products…

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