Heat pump installation WITHOUT ASSEMbly?!?


It’s the time when we doubt about every decision. About suitability. How to make the right decision and who to trust? That is why we at Kronoterm developed special application that will eliminate all your doubts. Now you have enough time to make final decision which heat pump you want. What does it even look like? How big is it? Do you have enough space for it’s installation? With the Kronoterm AR application, you can install it yourself without unnecessary visits from the installer. 


Our experts have developed a modern application just for you

Beside developing one of the quietest heat pumps, our experts have also developed the friendliest consumer experience. Taking care of your health comes first. Especially at this time when we are locked up in a home with our loved ones and have time for decisions that we have put off for a long time. Now it’s the time for an investment. And to make your days go by faster, just about any of you can play with the app. Online shopping is becoming more and more fashionable, so clicking in the online store costs you nothing, as well as the application itself. You can download the application to your mobile phone or tablet completely free of charge.

You can find the application in Android »Google Play« and in Apple’s »App Store«.

Clicking on the icon below will take you directly to our app:



Play together with the whole family and find the most suitable place for your new heat pump.

From the comfort of your favourite armchair

Before buying, any future heat pump owner is a bit insecure. What will it look like in a home environment? Will it match the new kitchen? Decisions are difficult if you can’t place it in your home. That is why we have prepared a solution for you – A free application for easy and quick installation.


Are you wondering how our latest modern Kronoterm AR app works? AR stands for “augumented reality”, which can be translated into Slovenian as enriched reality. With the help of a camera on your mobile device or tablet, you will be able to see the heat pump in your reality. With your help, the app will get to know the area and place it where you would like it to stand. If you don’t like it, move it to another location and decide where you like it better. It is therefore easy to install the indoor and outdoor unit of the Adapt heat pump. No worries, introduce her to your lawn and together find a corner where it won’t spoil the look of your garden. With its modern design it can even make your garden more beautiful.


With the help of enriched reality, we created a simple and free way to install one of the quietest heat pumps in your home. Take advantage of the time you spend with your family and decide together on an investment that you will be grateful for for the rest of your life.