In today’s world, where we are increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable and energy-efficient solutions, choosing the right heat pump is crucial. However, when faced with different types of heat pumps and numerous providers in the Slovenian or European market, we sometimes find ourselves in a dilemma. Selecting the right heat pump has become a challenging process accompanied by numerous challenges and important questions: Which type of heat pump is most suitable for my needs? How can I identify a reliable manufacturer? What are the possibilities for subsidies and benefits? In addition to dealing with efficiency and reliability requirements, it is also important to understand how our choice impacts the environment and which option provides the greatest savings.



BAFA, the German agency responsible for monitoring and evaluating the energy efficiency of various devices, including heat pumps in the European market. One of the agency’s tasks is to prepare lists and reports that help consumers choose the most efficient and high-quality heat pumps. Recently, the company KRONOTERM introduced the new geothermal heat pump ETERA, which, based on the data from heat pumps on the BAFA list, achieved the highest seasonal efficiency in its category*. It achieved an impressive 8.48, which is approximately 30% higher efficiency compared to the average heat pump in this category.


These results clearly demonstrate why the ETERA heat pump is at the top and why it surpasses the competition in seasonal efficiency, which is extremely important, probably the most important criterion when choosing a heat pump. Higher efficiency means lower energy consumption and lower operating costs, as well as greater savings throughout the entire lifespan of the heating system, which is 30 years in the case of ETERA. With this, ETERA confirms itself as the leading choice for those who want highly efficient and reliable heat pumps, as it ensures stable operation, reduces the impact of fluctuating fuel prices, and contributes to the stability and sustainability of electrical grids in the future, while also providing lower monthly heating costs and consequently higher savings.


In addition to exceptional efficiency, ETERA provides a high level of comfort without unnecessary noise and numerous other advantages. Due to its modular design, the heat pump has an estimated lifespan of up to 30 years. It can be installed in new buildings or existing structures and is suitable for radiator, underfloor, or wall heating and cooling. Furthermore, we must not forget about remote control via the CLOUD.KRONOTERM application, which allows you to always come home to a comfortably heated or cooled home.



The ETERA heat pump is undoubtedly the best choice on the heat pump market, both in Slovenia and in Europe. With its exceptional efficiency, longevity, high technological sophistication, and connection to the reputable manufacturer KRONOTERM, ETERA is unrivaled in its category. Whether it’s a private residential house, a larger building, or any other structure, ETERA will provide comfortable, energy-efficient, and sustainable heating and cooling. Its high seasonal efficiency and performance in various conditions, whether using the ground or groundwater, position it at the forefront of choices for heating and cooling buildings.


For more information about the new geothermal heat pump, you can contact KRONOTERM at or by phone at +386 3 703 16 20.



*In the heating capacity category of 16 to 20 kW, water-to-water and low-temperature heating mode (in an average climate).