Quiet at day and night

Kronoterm has developed a new heat pump, which is even quieter than the refrigerator (27 dB (A) of sound pressure and 42 dB (A) of sound power). It works on the basis of geothermal energy, which is an environmentally friendly, free and extremely efficient source of heat. The new geothermal heat pumps WPG-07(21) – (K) 2 HT is suitable both for new buildings and for older buildings, and for both floor and radiator heating. Versions with an integrated 200 l boiler (with a capacity of 250 liters of useful water) are available for simple buildings or versions without a boiler for more complex heating systems. The heat pump with an integrated boiler ensures extremely economical preparation of domestic hot water through the whole year, while the rooms are heated in winter and cooled in the summer (optional).

For installation enough only 1 m2 of space
The new elegant design of the heat pump is extremely compact, it is all-in-one indoor unit (there is no outdoor unit), and only 1 m2 of space is sufficient for the installation, which means that the boiler room is no longer needed. In addition to compactness, extremely silent and eco-friendly operation, the new heat pump also features extraordinary performance – the seasonal coefficient of performance SCOP up to 6.0 (for low-temperature heating in the average climate), which gives you very low operating costs and up to 80% savings in heating costs.

Picture 1: New family of geothermal heat pumps WPG-07-21-(K)2 HT with integrated 200 l boiler and without boiler

Geothermal energy has many advantages
There are considerably lower operating costs than in other systems and can save up to 80% of heating costs. The geothermal heat pump uses clean, renewable energy sources without carbon dioxide emissions, carbon monoxide and other greenhouse gases. Also, there are no questions about the safety and quality of air associated with combustion inside the house.

Picture 2: Possibility of connecting a heat pump to the Internet; easy management and remote service with Home.Cloud and managing home comfort through KT-1 and KT-2 smart controller