Amid the isolation in which the whole world suddenly finds itself, we are increasingly recognizing the little things in life that we have not been before. We are disturbed by the sound of an old loud heat pump. We are increasingly aware of the importance of a moment of our own peace. How much good neighbors are worth. How big a role our home has on the well-being of our whole family. There is nothing worse than a loud heat pump.

In addition to the heat pump, we are surrounded by many electronic devices that produce different sounds. These are becoming increasingly annoying. And this is usually the first concern you think of when buying a new heat pump. We are proud that our Adapt heat pump is the first in Europe with almost inaudible performance and exceptional efficiency.

Create good relationships with your neighbours with a help of one of the quietest heat pumps in Europe

As a Slovenian family business with a long tradition and experience, we know your needs very well. We know that we are surrounded daily by many voices that break our peace. Some of you are already used to, you just can’t hear them. And most of all, of course, your neighbors are disturbed. This will not happen with our Kronoterm heat pumps.

We live closer and closer with our neighbours. Make sure you build great relationships with them and then maintain them. In Kronotherm, the consequences of the loudness of the operation of heat pumps were left under the care of experts. They have found effective solutions for silencing the device. Their latest Adapt heat pump has reached the European top in terms of quietness and energy efficiency. The new generation of air / water heat pumps is as quiet as a refrigerator.

Wondering how did they do it?


Our experienced experts have used large, high-efficiency fans with special bionic shaped blades to help keep the heat pump running smoothly. The front surface of our heat pumps is much larger than the others, causing a small pressure drop, so the fan rotates at lower speeds to achieve the required flow. Last but not least, in addition to their extremely modern appearance and sophisticated housing, they used materials that absorb the noise and vibration of the compressor.

The composition of the outdoor unit of the Adapt heat pump, which is crucial for sound attenuation.

Wondering what are all the tests they did? Watch the video.