At the end of July our Italian partners prepared technical education about our ADAPT heat pump and a gathering among members of Sigilio Sicuro.

Event, named Non Sono Piu’ Solo (in translation I’m no longer alone), took place in two parts. First part was educational and the second one was meant for informal meetings and socializing. The event was sponsored by our company and company Ecloud srl.



Technical seminar was held in the conference room of the Poli Distillarie distillery in Schiavon. Surrounded by beautiful wooden wine barrels, the seminar participants learned all about the ADAPT heat pump cooling system and hydraulic balancing. An informal gathering with 96 participants took place in the warehouse at the headquarters of Ecloud srl in remote town of Rosà.


Sigillo Sicuro is an association of installers and specialists for heat pumps operating in different Italian regions. Everyone who wants to join the association must complete special training about heating systems and must have a high level of knowledge and experience.


With new knowledge, installers and other specialists for heat pumps will be able to continue the already successful story of Kronoterm on the Italian market. We are proud of our Italian partners and look forward to further successful cooperation with them!