Comfort, warmth and sensation of feeling like at home in Hotel A

The most effective solutions for tourist facilities

Memories being created while enjoying holidays are something every provider should consider when traying to do the best for their guests. How they feel, how and what the tourism workers do for them – that’s what counts. Heating, cooling and domestic hot water are unavoidable costs to ensure the complete comfort of each and every guest.

In addition to all these costs, tourist accommodation providers have to take care of the appropriate investments, which usually run out of money. Savings are required on basic and inevitable maintenance services. High operating and maintenance costs have an impact on competitiveness and the associated lower growth in other investments for ensuring higher standards. Finding solutions to replace the increasingly expensive and environmentally friendly fossil fuels with newer and environmentally friendly heating sources has led Hotel A into more economically investing of providing comfort for its guests.



Our heat pump has successfully helped reduce costs and increase the efficiency of Hotel A in Žalec. Heating, cooling and supplying hot water for 48 rooms, a restaurant, sauna and fitness room. It is a prestigious hotel with a total net usable area of ​​2,300 m2 and a large number of guests with different lifestyles. This means that a lot of effort has to be put into meeting the wide range of guest needs and activities on a daily basis throughout the year.


The most efficient solutions

At Kronoterm we have developed system solutions to reduce the costs of heating, cooling, swimming pool water heating, hot water preparation, reducing the number of different systems for all services and thus maintaining them. Of course, we have not forgotten about the protection of the environment and the nature. We managed to replace expensive and harmful fuels with our solutions.

During the designing phase of the solution, we had some concerns about whether gas could be avoided, especially for the preparation of hot water and the fulfillment of sanitary requirements. Despite the higher initial input, the investor opted for the proposed solution with special ground-water heat pumps WPG, for which we used 16 geosonds (2xWPG-80 and 2x WPG-110). System of Kronoterm heat pumps uses the temperature of superheated steam to heat the hot water. In this way, it is possible to heat or cool the building and heat the hot water at higher temperatures than 70 °C without reducing the efficiency of the heat pump. One of the important advantages is the preparation of hot water with temperatures higher than 60 °C. This can also be used to protect your guests from the appearance of legionella.

Hand in hand with renewable natural resources

Despite initial concerns, Hotel A managed to completely abandone fossil fuels, which are detrimental to the health of your guests and the surrounding area. From 50 to 80 % of the required heat is now available with our Adapt heat pumps for free from renewable sources (system earth-water).

High savings of Hotel A

After the first operating season with new heat pump, the costs of heating, cooling and domestic hot water preparation are approximately uniform and on average lower than 800 € per month. The investment for which they have decided in Žalec has three times less operating costs, which means that the higher investment will be repaid in less than seven years. In addition to the great savings, the chosen system also provides maximum guest comfort, meets all sanitary regulations and lives in harmony with nature, reducing global warming by more than two and a half times, compared to existing technology.