Camp is located on the left bank of the beautiful Savinja River in Slovenia. Due to its location, it is also a true paradise for skiing enthusiasts as it operates all year round. In recent years, the camp has undergone significant expansion, including the addition of completely new family bathrooms. Guests will thus always have access to well-maintained heated sanitary facilities and enough hot water even in the coldest winter months.



With an annual water consumption of as much as 1,200,000 liters and the use of a traditional boiler system, the annual cost of the old heating system amounted to 11,800 EUR in 2011. The camp needed a more efficient and cost-effective solution to reduce costs and increase efficiency. After a thorough review and taking into account the camp’s needs, where the water consumption is 3370 l per day, we installed two powerful 450-liter S-Max sanitary heat pumps at the campsite. In case additional units are needed, they can be connected in a cascade at any time. With our system, we can thus provide an unlimited amount of hot water.


The results of heating with KRONOTERM sanitary heat pumps are impressive, as they have reduced the cost of heating sanitary water at the camp by an incredible 75%. The total cost in 2012 was only 2,900 EUR per year, which is a quarter of the previous year’s amount. Besides high costs, the fear of running out of hot water has also disappeared.

For additional cost optimization, heat pumps can be managed via the Cloud.KRONOTERM application, where schedules can be easily adjusted according to the highly variable daily frequency of hot water use.







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