Adapt Heat Pump – Winner of Archiproducts Design Awards

Humans are visual creatures, we appreciate beautiful and pure shapes in our surroundings. The designers of our living area are joined in the community on their main reference site, Archiproducts. The site has over 190,000 published products, among which architects and interior designers seek inspiration in creating new construction projects.

Each year, hundreds of products from all over the worlds register for the Archiproducts Design Awards. Again this year, as many as 700 products were entered for the competition, which were judged under the strict eyes of leading figures in architecture and design. Featured products included Kronoterm’s most advanced heat pump Adapt, which, in addition to technological sophistication, boasts a highly customizable exterior. The judges recognized the excellence in creativity and technology in the Adapt heat pump and declared it one of the most original designs for architectural products.

Our main goal in designing the exterior of the Adapt heat pump was to prevent the need for heat pumps must be hidden. We are extremely grateful for such awards, which cherish the appearance and design. Becoming a winner in Archiproducts Design Awards is just another confirmation that we are on the right track.

The outdoor unit of Adapt heat pump, which matches its surroundings.